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Vanetta Schoefield

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What’s Up Party People!?! 

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10 years ago I was a party animal. Addicted to the lights and loved going to live performances. I loved experiencing night life so much I started promoting for clubs, interning at a radio station and helping out really talented comics. 

10 years later I am a more refined Lioness Entertainer. 

I stand proudly as someone that did what she loved and found a way to get paid for it. Everyday I wake up and build my business while helping others build there’s. You too may have a love that you do, but how serious are you about it?


If you want to pursue your passion and turn it into profit like me, we should talk!


I’ll warn you, it takes a lot of hard work and a committed mindset, I discuss this and my journey in my FREE E-book, “The Book on Getting Booked” How about you read it then book a consult with me!


Meanwhile, check out my company, Funny Hunnyz upcoming events! 

I run a Hub for Hilarious Homegirls, I’m sure you’ll love to attend a live or streamed showcase! 

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