Join our LIVE TAPING for ROKU at the
World Famous Uptown Comedy Corner !!!

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August 18th, 2022

Doors Open at 10pm! 

Showtime at 10:30!

Funny Hunnyz was a Birthday show 5 years ago for Founder Vanetta Schoefield, which birthed into a brand. Come out and celebrate the continued celebration of Marginalized Women in Comedy. Funny Hunnyz was born in NYC, and as a result of producing 150 live events and a host of festivals, and migrating to Atlanta, we’ve provided stage opportunities to 100’s of women from all over the country!


Georgia Dawkins,

Isabelle Pierre,

Kymmie Tea,

Mel Mitchell

& Storhm Artiste!

Birthday Toast to Our Founder Vanetta Schoefield at Midnight!

 *Enjoy delicious food & drinks while adhering to our 2 Item Minimum.*